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New Generation
« Learning through play ; it is effective and ( FUN!) »
                             - Michel Paiement-
Volleyball Camps
Nouvelle Génération
“On apprend en jouant, ça c’est plaisant. ”
                     -Michel Paiement-

“I had so much fun and I learned a lot about serving, passing, and digging. I had so much fun playing 2 vs 2. I have really enjoyed the week.”

(Student, grade eight)

Interview -Robert


Interview – G Falls


Entrevue Mini-VB


Plaisir  Passion  Patience  Persévérance  Positivisme

Our mission

The philosophy of the camp has always remained the same over the years. Our mission is to ensure that students have fun learning within a jovial and harmonious atmosphere.

We make sure to give each youth positive reinforcement, sincere encouragement and we value them independently in their development as a player.

We are trying to form homogeneous groups while respecting the affinities between participants. If friends want to be together, we will make certain that they will be.

The content of the sessions are based on game like drills . We do our best to have fun drills but they also need to be challenging.
In addition each training session ends by games. 1vs1, 2vs2, 3vs 3, 4vs4 and 6vs6.

Young athletes who choose to take part in our camps or programs deserve the best possible framework. Therefore, the coaches who work with each group are highly qualified. Selected coaches are experts in volleyball, but our added value is that we select foremost educators who understand young people, meet their rate of growth and treat each individual in a fair and equal manner. Our sumer camp takes place during the holiday period and we are doing all we can to create a pleasant atmosphere that corresponds to the expectations of young people.