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New Generation
« Learning through play ; it is effective and ( FUN!) »
                             - Michel Paiement-
Volleyball Camps
Nouvelle Génération
“On apprend en jouant, ça c’est plaisant. ”
                     -Michel Paiement-

“I had so much fun and I learned a lot about serving, passing, and digging. I had so much fun playing 2 vs 2. I have really enjoyed the week.”

(Student, grade eight)

Interview -Robert


Interview – G Falls


Entrevue Mini-VB


Plaisir  Passion  Patience  Persévérance  Positivisme

Remember Coach


It was on one cold and windy day,

A group of children set out to play.

What game shall we try, they were at a loss

One boy suggested, let’s  try lacrosse.

So on that cold and windy day,

Their fathers took them to the rink to play.


The Coach was there, to take them in,

To teach the game and how to win

To pass and shoot and run like deer,

To practice daily and how to cheer,

To play the game and have a ball,

Respect the Ref, no matter the call


The coach was approached, by the father of Tim,

He had this message to leave with him,

Remember Coach, kids are fragile like toys,

They soon become men, from little boys,

Their games are played in sun and cloud,

Help them grow so that they can be proud.


Later in life with sticks put away,

They’ll think of that cold and windy day,

Their fathers took them to the rink to play,

They’ll remember their Coach and hopefully say:


He taught us that life was just like play,

Be it yesterday, tomorrow or even today,

That if you tried your best and lost,

It was better than winning at all cost,

A gracious winner is not hard to be,

But to be a good loser is the key.


If life should reward me with a son one day,

I know where I’ll take him on a cold, windy day,

Like my father did, down to the rink to play.

The games  that prepare him for a later day.

And when I offer my silent prayers,

I would ask for a good Coach, one who cares.