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New Generation
« Learning through play ; it is effective and ( FUN!) »
                             - Michel Paiement-
Volleyball Camps
Nouvelle Génération
“On apprend en jouant, ça c’est plaisant. ”
                     -Michel Paiement-

“I had so much fun and I learned a lot about serving, passing, and digging. I had so much fun playing 2 vs 2. I have really enjoyed the week.”

(Student, grade eight)

Interview -Robert


Interview – G Falls


Entrevue Mini-VB


Plaisir  Passion  Patience  Persévérance  Positivisme

Mini Volley Camp- August 2012

Mini – Volley Camp – August 2012

Kensington Elementary School, Prince Edward Island

Testimonials from parents and participants

Parent:  My daughter loved Robert’s mini-volleyball camp. The camp offered lots of variety, structure and fun. The atmosphere of the camp kept participants highly engaged with learning fundamentals of the game. Such a positive experience! Thank you, Robert!

Parent:  My daughter Erin attended this mini-volleyball camp and enjoyed it tremendously. This was her first camp and is looking forward to attending school to get ready for the school team. I would recommend this camp to everyone.

Parent:  Robert’s coaching experience shows while working with these young children.


– I felt the exercise was good. (student grade 1)
– It was fun! (student grade 2)
– I liked the free time. (student grade2)
– I liked that we learn how to serve. (student grade2)
– It was good exercise. (student grade 5)
– I liked passing the ball and running around the circle. (student grade 4)
– I liked hitting the ball over the net. (student grade3)
– I liked having the experience of trying volleyball. (student grade3)
– Robert makes us laugh. I had so much fun. We always did something different.
– Not at all boring. (student grade3)