Our History

Our proud history 1997- today
The first ever: Camp de Volleyball Mathieu-Martin

Annette Allain and Robert Grandmaison have had a passion for volleyball for many years. In the 1990’s, the sport was growing in popularity in New Brunswick and they decided to build on this momentum and start a volleyball camp. Ms. Allain’s and Mr. Grandmaison’s dream materialized in August 1997 when they held their first volleyball camp at Mathieu Martin High School in Dieppe.

The inaugural camp had 39 participants from throughout the province. To add to the excitement and to enhance the quality and prestige of the event, Michel Paiement, technical director for Volleyball Canada was on hand as a guest coach. Brigitte Soucy, (from Bouctouche) member of the Canadian team that had participated in the Olympic Games in Los Angeles, was also part of the group of coaches.

The first camp was a great success and it was that success that led to making it an annual event. The camp continues to see growth on an annual basis and has become an annual gathering for volleyball enthusiasts from across the province.

Michel Paiement Course conductor with the International Volleyball Federation Author of many manuals for Volleyball CanadaLevel 4 coach, Volleyball. Coaching Association of Canada

Qualities of a Good Coach

By Robert Grandmaison

4 Major Themes


The themes were established by Robert Grandmaison and Michel Paiement in 1997.

The meaning of the letter "P"

  • Our commitment and caring shows our Passion
  • Our efforts will teach Perseverance
  • Our demeanour will demonstrate Positiveness
  • Our tolerance will show the participants Patience
  • Our good spirit will provide them with enjoyment and the desire to Play
  • Our concern about safety will teach the importance of Prudence

Our Mission

The philosophy of the camp has always remained the same over the years. Our mission is to ensure that students have fun learning within a jovial and harmonious atmosphere.

We make sure to give each youth positive reinforcement, sincere encouragement and we value them independently in their development as a player.

We are trying to form homogeneous groups while respecting the affinities between participants. If friends want to be together, we will make certain that they will be.

The content of the sessions are based on game like drills . We do our best to have fun drills but they also need to be challenging. In addition each training session ends by games. 1vs1, 2vs2, 3vs 3, 4vs4 and 6vs6.

Young athletes who choose to take part in our camps or programs deserve the best possible framework. Therefore, the coaches who work with each group are highly qualified. Selected coaches are experts in volleyball, but our added value is that we select foremost educators who understand young people, meet their rate of growth and treat each individual in a fair and equal manner. 

Our sumer camp takes place during the holiday period and we are doing all we can to create a pleasant atmosphere that corresponds to the expectations of young people.

Remember Coach

It was on one cold and windy day,
A group of children set out to play.
What game shall we try, they were at a loss
One boy suggested, let’s  try lacrosse.
So on that cold and windy day,
Their fathers took them to the rink to play. 

The Coach was there, to take them in,
To teach the game and how to win
To pass and shoot and run like deer,
To practice daily and how to cheer,
To play the game and have a ball,
Respect the Ref, no matter the call 

The coach was approached, by the father of Tim,
He had this message to leave with him,
Remember Coach, kids are fragile like toys,
They soon become men, from little boys,
Their games are played in sun and cloud,
Help them grow so that they can be proud. 

Later in life with sticks put away,
They’ll think of that cold and windy day,
Their fathers took them to the rink to play,
They’ll remember their Coach and hopefully say: 
He taught us that life was just like play,
Be it yesterday, tomorrow or even today,

That if you tried your best and lost,
It was better than winning at all cost,
A gracious winner is not hard to be,
But to be a good loser is the key.

If life should reward me with a son one day,
I know where I’ll take him on a cold,windy day,
Like my father did, down to the rink to play.
The games  that prepare him for a later day.
And when I offer my silent prayers,
I would ask for a good Coach, one who cares. 

Author,AL RAE


I really liked playing the games. (2 vs 2), I really enjoyed the digging drills. I also learned how to do a jump serve.
(Student, grade eight)

I had so much fun and I learned a lot about serving, passing, and digging. I had so much fun playing 2 vs 2. I have really enjoyed the week.
(Student, grade eight)

I think the camp was very useful in the development of my volleyball skills. I learned a lot about the technical aspects of the game and I had a lot of fun.
(Student, grade eight) 

I liked the serving , digging and setting drills. I also liked the 4 vs 4  games.
(Student, grade seven) 

I liked this camp because I like Robert’s coaching techniques and it was really easy to  learn new things. I enjoyed the 4 vs 4 games.
(Student , grade eight) 

I liked how we worked on digging; We don t normally work on that. I enjoyed all the water breaks  and the scrimmages. I loved working on the jump serves too. It was very helpful and educational. My skills are better and I can successfully do a jump serve. I really liked the games.( 2 vs 2) It was really fun.
(Student, grade eight) 

The list of things I  have learned is extensive. 
(Student,  grade eight) 

Before our first day of camp this week, I had never played volleyball had no idea what digging was. I didn’t: know how to volley and to do a forearm pass. Also, I had no idea how to play volleyball. I feel that I have learned very quickly in just a few days. I liked all the drills we did. Thank you so much for teaching me about volleyball and better understand the game.
(Student, grade seven)